Members of the group teach across a range of modules on the Physics Degree Programme at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Current and recent module teaching:

APC801 – Introduction to University Physics

APC802 – Motion, Forces and Force Fields

APC803 – The Road to Quantum Mechanics

AP1011 –  Introduction to Laboratory Physics

AP1840 –  Introduction to Physics – Waves & Optics

AP1852 – Applied Physics & Linear Systems

AP2060 – Year 2 Physics Laboratory

AP2857 – Measurement, Instrumentation, LabVIEW & Interfacing

AP3215 – Virtual Instrumentation

AP3031 – Research Methods

MS1063 – Engineering Analysis A

AP3950 – B.Sc. (Hons) Final Year Physics Projects

AP4870 – Magnetism and Micro-Magnetic Modelling

AP4553 – M.Phys. (Hons) Final Year Physics Projects

AP4852 – Advanced Physics Laboratory