Paper published on a method to characterise anisotropy axes in soft magnetic materials

The group has published the following paper in IEEE Transaction on Magnetics:

S. Bourn, T. Mercer, P.R. Bissell and M. Vopson, “Development of a Method to Identify In-Plane Anisotropy Axes in Soft Magnetic Materials Using a Standard Vibrating Sample Magnetometer”, IEEE Trans. Magn., 51, (2015) (600604)

Abstract:   A method of identifying in-plane anisotropy axes in soft magnetic materials has been developed using an in-field-only measurement technique. The method is based on an extended bi-axial Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) technique that simulates the torque on a sample; giving rise to equivalent torque curves that are comparable with those determined directly using a torque magnetometer. Testing of the new methodology was carried out on magnetically soft and multi-axial nickel ferrite textured films deposited with various crystal orientations. The results compare well with the accepted bi-axial VSM technique, identifying the same in-plane anisotropy directions and relative easy and hard axes from the in-field measurement alone. This means that these characteristics could be determined using a standard VSM measuring magnetization in the field direction as long as it is fitted with a rotating sample stage.


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