About us

Magnetic Materials Research has a long tradition at UCLan and is currently led by Dr. Tim Mercer, a Senior Lecturer in Physics in the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute for Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy.

Originally focused on applied magnetism (data storage) and interactions between fine magnetic particles, the group has recently extended its interest into the areas of (i) Multiferroics and (ii) super-paramagnetic nano-particles.  For (i), a collaboration with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory has led to a new PhD project that is investigating the anisotropy of multiferroic composites and the effects of texture on the converse Magneto-Electrical effect.  For (ii), nano-composites have been developed with a view to their use in bio-catalysis and drug delivery.  In addition, the group takes part in work led by the surface patterning group on a joint project between Fudan University, Shanghai, China and Feedwater Ltd. UK on Multifunctional Nanocomposites for the Separation of Pollutants from Industrial and Municipal Sewage Water.

New staff have recently added to the team’s portfollio, with Dr. Serban Lepadatu’s computational expertise giving a welcome return to a founding element of the group’s interests.  Dr. Steven McCann has recently re-joined the team and has started an investigation on transverse magnetometry.